If the buyer has already made any payments at the time the buyer dessolves the agreement with Shop4power, Shop4power shall refund the purchase amount of the returned products within fourteen (14) days after shop4powre has received the producs from the buyer to the buyer. Shop4Power will not charge the buyer any additional costs. Products can only be returned with a RMA number issued by Shop4power.
With companies, Shop4power reserves the right not to refund shipping costs.

Shop4Power reserves the right to refuse returned products or to only credit a portion of the amount already paid if it is suspected that the product has already been used or has been damaged due to the fault of the buyer (other than that of Shop4Power or the supplier of the product).

Batteries are excluded from the Distance Selling Act as it is impossible to check if these have been damaged by the buyer or not. Shop4Power cannot sell the batteries to another customer after they have been returned. The buyer accepts that batteries are excluded from the right of withdrawal when accepting the terms and conditions. The batteries can only be returned if the buyer wants to claim the product warranty. Of course, the batteries are not excluded from the warranty terms.

If a product is returned that has, in the opinion of Shop4Power, suffered damage that is due to an act or omission of the buyer or otherwise at the risk of the buyer, Shop4Power will notify the buyer in writing (via fax, letter or email). Shop4Power has the right to deduct the value loss of the product resulting from this damage from the amount to be refunded to the buyer.

All returned products must be packed in a box, if the productbox is used as a shippingbox the returned goods will not be accepted because the goods can no longer be resold.


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