Planet FSD-1600
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- 16-port 10/100
- Small design
- Metal housing
- 10 / 19 inch

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PLANET’s FSD series products provide an easy and cost effective way to boost Your network performance while preserving your network infrastructure, including installed cabling and desktop software and hardware.

They are versatile for various circumstances like desktop, 19-inch rack and even 10-inch rack installation. Range from 8T, 7T+1F, 16T and 15T+1F, you can combine these products as your network need and enjoy the convenient of identical dimension and similar outlook. Choice of a fiber optic port models provide great convenient to extend your network up to 15km or even more.

What’s more, the 16-port model, FSD-1601 and FSD-1600 also support simple smart function. It helps the switches support port-based VLAN, dual-priority QoS and port trunk. The VLAN support should separate each port into a dedicated VLAN that only up link to the backbone through the long distance fiber-optic link. Its dual-priority help to process the voice data in a higher priority. And port-trunk double the bandwidth between switches in an efficient way!

To make the installation more flexible, this family of FSD products could be placed on your desktop in a small room, could be installed in a 10-inch cabinet, free from un-authorized change or destroy of your packet networks, and you can also make it fit into the standard 19-inch cabinet or rack. All More easy and flexible in your precious data network installation

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Prijs € 68,00
Netwerksnelheid 10/100 Mbps
PoE systeem Nee
Aantal Poorten 16-poort

Shared data buffer - 256kB
Switch fabric - 4,8Gb
Switch architecture - Store and Forward
Mac Address table - 8000

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