Planet HPOE-1200G
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- 12-poort
- Gemanagde Injector HUB
- Gigabit Ethernet
- 360 Watt

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De PLANET HPOE Managed PoE Injector Hub serie, is ontworpen om een bestaande netwerk infrastructuur perfect te upgraden naar een IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus netwerk systeem zonder dat u de bestaande ethernet switches hoeft te vervangen.

Een Perfecte Managed PoE+ Injector Hub met Volledig Power Budget
De HPOE-1200G is een high-density, rack-mountable managed PoE+ injector hub die  PLANET intelligente PoE functies biedt met behulp van de web user interface voor management op afstand. De unit levert 12 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet poorten die 802.3at PoE+ injector eigenschappen bieden met een totaal vermogens budget van 360 watt. Elke PoE poort lan een vermogen van 36-watt vermogen over een Cat.5/5e/6 Ethernet UTP kabel leveren, dit biedt de mogelijkheid om data en power gelijktijdig te verzenden naar een 802.3at/af apparaat (PD) op afstand. De HPOE-1200G maakt het mogelijk de voedingsbron te centraliseren, hierdoor optimaliseerd de unit de installatie en het power management van de apparatuur op afstand. De HPOE-1200G biedt een snelle, veilige en goedkope Power over Ethernet oplossing voor grote een kleine organistaties.

Snelle en Eenvoudige PoE Netwerk installatie
De HPOE-1200G wordt geïnstalleerd tussen een reguliere netwerk switch en de aangesloten apparatuur (PD's). Aan de voorkant van de unit bevinden zich 24 RJ45 poorten waarvan de onderste 12 poorten functioneren als "Data input" terwijl de bovenste 12 poorten functioneren als "PoE (Data and Power) output". Zowel Power als Data worden gelijktijdig verzonden over de UPT kabels naar de PD's zonder de bestaande netwerk prestaties en functies te beïnvloeden.

With data and Power over Ethernet from one unit, the HPOE-1200G can reduce power cable deployment and eliminate the need for dedicated electrical outlets on the wall, ceiling or any unreachable place.

IEEE 802.3at PoE+ Standard Compliance
The PoE in-line power adopting the IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus standard makes the HPOE-1200G able to deliver per port up to 36 watts of power to each remote PoE compliant powered device. It possesses double amount of power capability than the conventional 802.3af PoE and is an ideal solution to satisfy the growing demand for higher power consuming network PDs, such as PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom), speed dome network cameras, color touch-screen or video and voice over IP (VoIP) telephones, multi-channel 802.11ac wireless LAN access points and other network devices.

Friendly Web Management Interface
To efficiently manage the powered devices, the HPOE-1200G provides simple Web management interface in which administrators can control the system and PoE functions for powered devices. It can automatically detect the power status of each port and show messages on its Web management interface. These features also provide users with a cost-effective way to manage the device via Internet whenever they are at work or at home.

Built-in Unique PoE Functions for Powered Device Management
As it is the managed PoE Injector Hub for VoIP, wireless and surveillance networks, the HPOE-1200G features the following special PoE management functions:
 ■ PoE schedule
 ■ PD alive check
 ■ Scheduled power recycling
 ■ PoE usage monitoring
 ■ Over temperature protection

Intelligent Powered Device Alive Check
PLANET’s Managed PoE products adopt not only Power over Ethernet technology, but also automated PD monitoring and real-time PoE status. The HPOE-1200G can be configured to monitor connected PD’s status in real time via ping action through the uplinked Ethernet switch. Once the PD stops working and responding, the HPOE-1200G will recycle the PoE port power and bring the PD back to work. It also will greatly enhance the network reliability in that the PoE port will reset the PD power, thus reducing administrator’s management burden.

PoE Schedule for Energy Saving
Under the trend of energy saving worldwide and contributing to environmental protection on the Earth, the HPOE-1200G can effectively control the power supply besides its capability of giving high watts power. The built-in “PoE schedule” function helps you to enable or disable PoE power feeding for each PoE port during specified time intervals and it is a powerful function to help SMBs or enterprises save power and money.

Advanced Power Management
To facilitate power management, the HPOE-1200G comes with powerful PoE management features such as over temperature protection, usage threshold alert and auto power allocation to prevent power budget overloading. The PoE power budget can be allocated by priorities or classification and sent alert event logs when power usage reaches the defined threshold. 

PoE Usage Monitoring
Via the power usage chart in the web management interface, the HPOE-1200G enables the administrator to monitor the status of the power usage of the connected PDs in real time. 

High Power Budget for PoE Extension
With 36-watt PoE output capability, the HPOE-1200G can extend much longer distance by using PLANET PoE Extender for powering up the PoE PD which can be installed over more than 100 meters away. By daisy-chaining multiple PLANET PoE Extenders, it offers the great flexibility of doubling, tripling or quadrupling the distance of PoE network.

Smart Fan Design for Silent Operation
The HPOE-1200G features a low noise design and an effective ventilation system. It supports the smart fan technology that automatically controls the speed of the built-in fan to reduce noise and maintain the temperature of the PoE injector hub for optimal power output capability. The HPOE-1200G is able to operate reliably, stably and quietly in any environment without affecting its performance.

Gigabit PoE+ Network Deployment
The HPOE-1200G provides the easiest way to power your Ethernet devices such as IP camera on the ceiling and the wireless access point installed on the top of the building. With 12 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports, the HPOE-1200G supports full 52V DC power for any remote IEEE 802.3af/IEEE 802.3at powered device (PD).

To control the power system of your networking devices, the HPOE-1200G can directly co-work with network devices such as PoE IP phone to build VoIP telephony network in the office. Furthermore, the PoE hub can be directly connected to any third-party IEEE 802.3af/802.3at compliant devices installed within 100 meters.

Interface “Data” Input Ports: 12 x RJ-45
“Data+Power” Output Ports: 12 x RJ-45
Management Port: 1 x RJ-45; 10/100Base-TX, auto-negotiation, auto-MDI / MDIX
Data Rate 10/100/1000Mbps
LED System: SYS Power x 1 (Green)
Management Port x2: 10/100 (Green / Orange)
Per PoE Port: PoE in use x 1 (Green)
PoE Fail x 1
FAN Fail x 1
Network Cable 10Base-T: 4-Pair UTP Cat. 5 up to 100m (328ft)
100Base-TX: 4-Pair UTP Cat. 5 up to 100m (328ft)
1000Base-T: 4-Pair UTP Cat. 5e, 6, up to 100m (328ft)
EIA/TIA- 568 100-ohm STP (100m)
Dimension (W x D x H) 440 x 300 x 44 mm (1U height)
Weight 4.27kg
Power Requirement 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 370 Watts max.
Cooling Fan x 2
Power over Ethernet
PoE Power supply Type Mid-Span
PoE Power Output Per Port DC 52V 30.8 / 15.4 Watts
Power Pin Assignment 4/5(-), 7/8(+)
PoE Power Budget 340 Watts
Number of 802.3af PD Class 0, 1, 2, 3 can be powered 12
Number of 802.3at PD Class 1, 2, 3 can be powered 12
Number of 802.3at PD Class 0, 4 can be powered 10
Management Interface Web, PLANET Smart Discovery Lite
PoE Management Power Limit by Consumption, Classification and Total Limit
PoE Admin Mode
Per port Power Schedule
Per port Power Enable / Disable
Power Feeding Priority
Over Temperature Protection
Temperature Threshold
PoE Power Budget Usage Threshold
Current per port usage and status
Total power consumption
Management Feature System / Management functions setup
Web firmware upgrade
SNMP Trap for alarm notification of events
Standards Conformance
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
RFC 768: UDP
RFC 791: IP
RFC 1157: SNMPv1
RFC 1902: SNMPv2c
RFC 5424: Syslog
Regulation Compliance FCC Part 15 Class A, CE
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 Degree C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 70 Degree C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
Prijs € 375,95
Gewicht 3.0000
Brand N/A
PoE Power High Power
Netwerksnelheid N/A
Poe Type Hub
Aantal Poorten 12-poort
PoE Norm IEEE 802.3at

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